The TITANIC Conspiracy - The ship that never sank.

One of the greatest tragedies of the twentieth century, the sinking of the Titanic, lies at the door of the Jesuit Order. The unsinkable ship, the floating palace was created to be the tomb for the wealthy, who opposed the Federal Reserve System. By April, 1912, all opposition to the Federal Reserve was eliminated. In December of 1913, the Federal Reserve System came into being in the United States. Eight months later, the Jesuits had sufficient funding through the Federal Reserve bank to begin World War One.

The Titanic Mystery; Why didn't JP Morgan owner of the Titanic sail on her maiden voyage as he had planned to? The discovery of the wreck of the Titanic was one of the greatest media events of the late 1980s. Following on from 'The Riddle of the Titanic', the author includes more facts to support the theory of the insurance scam perpetrated by the White Star line, and startling evidence of the collusion of the British Government in a cover-up. The author draws on several events and coincidences that occurred in the months, days, and hours leading up to the sinking of the Titanic to form his theory. Put simply, his theory is that the ship that hit the iceberg on 14 April 1912 was in fact the Titanic's sister-ship RMS Olympic, disguised as the Titanic. All this was part of an insurance scam of huge proportions by the White Star Line.

FACT: JP Morgan funded/built the Titanic
FACT: JP Morgan was booked on the voyage but canceled at the last second.
FACT: Friend of JP Morgan, Milton Hersey, also canceled at the last moment and survived to build the Hersey food empire.
FACT: There were no red flares on board to signal to any boats for rescue. Only white flares that signal a party and that everything is okay.
FACT: It was the first ship of its kind with the ability to seal decks electromagnetically which could also seal people below deck.
FACT: The Captain Edward Smith was one of the most decorated Captains of his time and would have been totally out of character by avoiding precautions.
FACT: The author of the book was poisoned to death a couple years after the Titanic sank.
FACT: The Federal Reserve was formed the very next year.
FACT: The Astor Family was one of the richest families in the world and John Astor III opposed the Federal Reserve.

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